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About Masjid Al-Khair

Prior to 1989, the small Muslim community of Youngstown would meet in a tiny house on Harmon Avenue.  Eventually, the congregation grew to the point that a single classroom Sunday School was also operating from the basement of this building.  The dreams of having their own Masjid seemed far-fetched.  However, the community banded together and collected enough funds to erect the current structure, which is readily apparent from I-680, the main highway vein of Youngstown, Ohio.

Over the years, our ever-growing community required a larger structure.  The Masjid has expanded to meet the needs of the Muslim community and has become the focal point of local Islamic activity.  With a busy Sunday School, weekly Jumaah prayers, vibrant Ramadan activities, and full funeral services, the masjid has continued to evolve beyond its original expectations.

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